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Welcome to the SocMon Global Database. Here you can search for monitoring sites and download reports. Use the advanced search if you would like to search by region, country, report language, monitoring purpose, or other search terms.

Monitoring Sites

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No Region Country SocMon Site
1. Southeast Asia Indonesia Bunaken National Park
2. Southeast Asia Indonesia Derawan District
3. Southeast Asia Indonesia Komodo National Park
4. Southeast Asia Indonesia Raja Ampat District
5. Southeast Asia Indonesia Seribu Islands
6. Southeast Asia Indonesia South Sulawesi
7. Southeast Asia Indonesia Wakatobi National Park
8. Southeast Asia Philippines Cebu, Philippines
9. Southeast Asia Philippines Mactan Island
10. Southeast Asia Philippines Olango Island
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1. coral and reefs
Search for records which contain words coral and reefs

2. coral reefs
Search for records which contain words coral and reefs. Same as the "and" function.

3. coral or reefs
Search for records which contain words coral or reefs.

4. "reefs"
Search for records which contain exact phrase "coral reefs".

5. coral not acropora
Search for records which contain words coral and not acropora.
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